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We Brand Independent Artists So They Can Sign Themselves

We brand independent artists to create an alternative to the “sign me” culture. Sign yourself and be your own boss. We can help you get distribution, marketing, branding, websites, and more. The sky is the limit. Click the contact form to get in touch with one of our experienced team members and schedule a consultation.

Brand Yourself

Rifle City Records is not a record label. We are a project that helps independent artists, musicians, vocalists, and anyone interested in the music industry to brand themselves, market themselves, and distribute themselves, remaining completely independent and signing their own checks. We do offer mixing, mastering, recording, custom instrumentals, as well as our marketing and branding expertise. We can either distribute you to all major streaming platforms, or coach you on how to do it yourself for maximum exposure for your music.

How we got here

From Zero to Hero.

Like most of you, we started with an interface, a microphone, and a dream. We dedicated decades to developing the best formulas to stay relevant during the ever-changing dynamics of the music landscape and have performed with numerous artists, including Jehry Robinson of Strange Music. We have on-staff engineers, producers, marketers, web developers, and branding experts to make sure you get the exposure you desire.

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